I originally designed this website so that the blog would be very separate (like on xkcd’s site), because as well as containing news about my webcomic, it was going to (and does) contain other things like reviews & general blog posts. I wanted to keep the main page uncluttered, but I’ve changed my mind & decided that it makes more sense to have any news that relates to the comic on the main page, I’ll still post stuff that’s unrelated to the comic on my separate blog. Does that make sense?

So, latest news then. I now have a Facebook page here, which you can join & become a fan (yeah, I know, a fan – you lucky people). I haven’t done much on it as yet, but I’ll get some discussions going soon & will post some stuff that will be exclusive to the page. Also, I’m now listed on a couple of webcomic forums, so if you like what you see, check them out – you can click the TopWebComics links & vote me up (Cheers).



The other thing I’m going to do in the news section is post rough cartoons. Sometimes I have ideas that need to be done quickly & I know I haven’t got time to do a proper cartoon, but if I don’t get them out, they’ll become meaningless. So here’s my very 1st sketch toon post:


I do think that the name change was stupid & yet another example of style over content, but some people seem to be getting genuinely furious about this. (BTW, if you don’t know what this cartoon is about, you can read more here ). Anyway, I think it’s worth pointing out the stupidity of this move, but by getting too angry there’s a chance that we end up attaching just as much importance to a name as the rebranders do. It’s just a name, if the channel is still showing programmes that you like, who cares what it’s called.