A couple of weeks ago I drew a Mummy for a storybook I’m writing for my kids. I posted it to Twitter and @Wudakuda suggested that we start posting sketches on a specific night. So the following week, we decided to draw a zombie with the hashtag #drawazombie and see who wanted to join us. Here’s what we came up with:

zombie sketch

by DJ Bogtrotter


By Scott Hampson from Agent X

Dave Stolte

By Dave Stolte

Andy Brown

By Andy Brown

Paul Westover

By Paul Westover from Unconcious Ink

It was a lot of fun and I thought it’d be a good idea to do one every week. The following Monday I asked for suggestions on what we should draw and @agent_x came up with giant robots (he actually wanted to do giant unicorn robots, but I didn’t want to be too prescriptive). So on Tuesday, using the hashtag #tuesdaysketch, I called out for more entries and here’s what we got:


By Scott Hampson from Agent X


By Ryan Hudson from ChannelATE


By Tim Lai from Lemoninc


By Matt Edgar


By Dave Stolte


By Andy Carolan

DJ Bogtrotter

by DJ Bogtrotter

A nice mix of stuff. I recognise that the standard of my own work is well short of what some talented artists are contributing, but that’s what I like about been older (41, if you must know). 10-20 years ago, I would’ve been too wary of sticking my amateurish work in the mix, but now I realise that people just aren’t bothered and are always glad to see anyone make an effort. And, as usual, the people on Twitter were unfailingly polite and supportive. So, it’s going to be a regular thing. Every Tuesday is now #tuesdaysketch day on Twitter. Come join us if you fancy doing a sketch and tweet me on Monday night if you’ve got a suggestion of what we should all draw. I’ll try to blog the results every week. Don’t forget to add #tuesdaysketch to any tweets.