Busy week. Busy busy busy. First off, this is the first comic to come out of my 24 hour comics day experience, when I tried to draw 200 bad comics (I managed 100, which still isn’t bad I reckon). You can read about it in more detail here.

I managed to persuade someone to nominate me in the “Best New Webcomic” category for the Webcomic Planet Reader’s Choice Awards (Thanks ChannelATE). Don’t think the actual voting is open yet, but I’ll keep you informed.

I continued my Tuesday night habit of posting a sketch of something to Twitter and getting other people to join in. We did giant robots this week. It was so much fun that we’re going to do it every week and use the hashtag #tuesdaysketch. You can read more about that here.

Finally, on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I was lucky enough to be asked on to the podcast “Pond to Pond” with @Prestwickuk from Hard Graft and @julesrivera from Marsh Rocket. We chatted about 24 hour comics day and funny webcomics (and about how the Puritans were a bit like the Taliban). You can listen to that here. I think that’s enough webcomic stuff for one week. See you again soon.