I’ve decided that’s it’s a bit foolish of me to divide my time between two webcomics (yeah, I have another one. Didn’t you know? It’s called Milton’s Life). Even though this one is getting a lot more traffic, I’m going to put it into almost complete retirement and concentrate my energies on Milton and his many, many worries. I enjoy the freedom that DJ Bogtrotter gives me, but I feel that my jokes end up being so varied, that I’m not really building any momentum and, after over two years, I still have no idea what a Bogtrotter type of comic would be. Milton, on the other hand, has a definite style, mood and, I think, potential to grow and hopefully become better and better, as long as I stick at it.

But, although most of my drawing time will be spent trying to produce 2-3 strips a week for Milton, I can’t abandon DJ Bogtrotter altogether and will try to post something here at least once a month. It might be hastily drawn and even more random than usual, but, like Father Jack yelling in the corner, Bogtrotter will bark out some obscenities every once in a while.

There will be regular updates for a few more weeks, and then in April I’m going to relaunch Milton’s Life (I’ll need some guest strips for that by the way, if you fancy doing one, just send it in) and I going to do the 100 Bad Comics Challenge again, as a final flourish before the site lapses into it’s more sporadic update schedule.

I intend to attend my very first convention later this year – Leeds very own Thought Bubble, so I will get a Bogtrotter collection together for that. Hope you can come along and say hello, if you’re in the area.